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Our clinics are very educational, interactive and hands on. The structure is a two-day clinic and the participants are divided into two separate groups for more quality time per person. If you participate with a horse you will enroll in one morning- and one afternoon session each day. The maximum number of participants per group is limited to 6.

Brave horse

In this clinic setup we focus the two days on getting your horse very brave. We work with obstacles and scary objects such as tarps, flags, balls, balloons, fireworks/loud noises, drags etc. This clinic will leave you with a boost of confidence in both yourself and your horse and make your horse think their daily life is zero challenge.

This clinic fits anyone that have an insecure horse who easily spooks or just simply wants to build theirs or their horses confidence.

Horsemanship 1

We focus heavily on ground work and certain exercises to get the horse’s respect and attention. You will be given tools on how to turn your horse into a very respectful and attentive animal that is willing to please you. We will also include some riding excerises to build upon the ground work. As a bonus you will learn how to teach a few simple tricks!

This clinic fits anyone that has never taken a clinic with Swedish Equillence before or is new to the Natural Horsemanship type of ground work. 

Horsemanship 2

For Horsemanship 2 we dive deeper into more advanced groundwork and fine adjusting the basics. We also explore how the groundwork translates into riding and how you can solve problems you are having in the saddle by diligently working on the ground. This clinic will help you get a horse that is soft, supple, very responsive and can not wait to please you. The clinic includes working both on the ground and in the saddle.

This clinic fits a horse and rider that already has some experience with previous Swedish Equillence clinics or Natural Horsemanship type work.