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Sophie Lindhe

Born and raised in Sweden, Sophie is a third generation horsewoman in the equine business, Sophie and Swedish Equillence offers a unique skillset collected from all over the world. Swedish Equillence is your go-to consultant when it comes to everything from training of your horse, lessons, clinics and education, selling or buying your horse.

Sophie has worked with horses all over the world, both in Europe and the US. She was born and raised riding English but later been riding mostly Western and Gaited horses. She has about 5 years of experience from abroad with multiple top quality trainers. Sophie has worked with all types of breeds, from mustangs, warmbloods and draft horses to Paso Finos, Icelandic horses and other gaited breeds.

In 2016 Sophie competed in her first Extreme Mustang Makeover where she has 100 days to tame and train a completely wild horse. She drew a little bay mare, 5 years old from Divide Basin, Wyoming that she named Viska. Sophie and Viska won the trail class among 30 participants, got the award “Rookie Champion” and took 5th place over all. The most important thing for Sophie was that Viska got a new, great home – which she did in Ocala Florida.


Sophie is passionate about helping owners get a stronger and more clear bond with their horses. She hope to be able to spread her knowledge and contribute to a better horse industry with her versatile background and many tools.

Repeat customers tell the story!

Sophie has trained and worked with seven of our personal horses. She takes the time others won't, she invests the energy others can't, she invests herself in every horse as if it were her own. She's simply the best!

Logan McLeod Repeat Customer

She is now one of my best mares

Sophie did wonders with her and she is now one of my best mares and a dream out on the trails. Her brio was never “squashed” but rather became a quiet controlled power under Sophie’s hand. Dyna learned to be laid down and even to “sit” down, but more importantly she learned to use the thinking side of her brain rather than just the reactive side.

Judith Satisfied Customer

Any Horse, Any Problem.

If you have a problem horse of any breed, I highly recommend Sophie!

J Kerns

Colt starting success

While what Sophie has done on the ground and under saddle is fantastic, I think that the most impressive change that Sophie has had on Luna is in her attitude. She has always had a "mares attitude" and let us know what she thought, and made strong suggestions on how things should go. Sophie has transformed this "mares attitude" into a very willing, very curious filly that wants to try new things and is willing to explore the world.

Karl & Diane C Owners of a promising filly

From no focus to full focus

Retador went to a multi breed trail obstacle clinic after coming home from Sophie's work with him, and was a brilliant, willing example of a trail horse, taking every single obstacle, no matter the difficulty, with willingness and calmness. He is now a shining example of the very best that a Paso Fino horse can be, riding alone or with others respectfully and calmly. I could not be more pleased with the work that she has done with my gelding.

Lori W Happy Owner

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